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Experience the Value of Working with Hovmand

We make material handling more efficient and improve the daily work life

We provide an extensive customer journey with emphasis on guidance and knowledge-sharing.

By following a modular principle, we build lifters fit specifically to your needs and wants.

We supply high quality products and ensure fast delivery to keep your business running smoothly.

Series of Lifters

With Hovmand's lifters, you can lift, turn and tip objects up to 300 kg (~661 lb.). Our mobile lifters are based on a modular building principle and with our vast variety of lifting tools nearly all applications are within reach. In essence, we ensure that the process of handling materials becomes simple and safe.

Hovmand Lifters

GO Series

Lifting capacity:
Max. 60 - 70
kg (~132 - 154 lb.)

Lifting height (stroke):
120 - 1600 mm (~5 - 63 in.)

The Go series is composed of two versatile lifters, which may act as an aid when moving objects and liquids.

Hovmand Lifters

Impact Series

Lifting capacity:
Max. 70 -
200 kg (~154 - 441 lb.)

Lifting height (stroke):
825 - 2771
mm (~32 - 109 in.)

The Impact series features a large selection of mobile lifters made from aluminium and steel. The lifters are highly flexible and a perfect fit for numerous industries, ranging from workshops to supermarkets. 

Hovmand Lifters

INOX Series

Lifting capacity:
Max. 70 - 300
kg (~ 154-661 lb.)

Lifting height (stroke):
956 - 2028
mm (~ 38 - 80 in.)

Our INOX series is an ideal match for companies working in hygienic environments. The lifters in this series comply with GMP standards and are made of electropolished stainless steel, ensuring easy cleaning.

Hovmand makes it easy!

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Lifters for All Industries

Hovmand supplies lifters to companies in sectors such as food, beverage, pharma, chemistry and industrial production. For industries with strict hygienic requirements, we offer electropolished lifters to meet the high demands for sterility and easy cleaning.

Customer Cases

Do you want to know more about how other companies have gained success with Hovmand's lifters? Dive into our case stories and discover the many fields in which we make a difference every day. 


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The pharmaceutical company saves its employees heavy physical overhead work in the shelving rack warehouse by using our pharmaceuticals compatible stainless-steel lifters.

Karamel Kompagniet

The company has invested in two different lifting aids from Hovmand. The first is equipped with a special stirring tank, which is used every day in the production facility.

Witt Group

The leading textile mail order company uses electrically operated reel lifters to handle packaging materials in its shipping department. As a result, lifting and exchanging 70 kg reels is suddenly a piece of cake.