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Beta version: Please be patient while the site loads. The web edition of our Virtual Engineering configurator is based on software that is in early beta. We are continuously working on improving the system.

(Note: The Virtual Engineering Web Edition is not supported on mobile devices).

How to Design a Lifting Solution

Discover the perfect lifting solutions for retail, industry or logistics. Our flexible modular system enables us to put together a solution that is individually configured to your specific challenge. We use a wide range of leg types, mast heights and applications depending on what, where and how high you need to lift the object.

Our products are designed to provide the right lifter for every industry, situation and lifting need. With our Virtual Engineering app, we can customise the right solution for you at the touch of a fingertip or the click of a mouse. And you can see your product right away in 3D in your own environment – thanks to augmented reality technology.

Experience Our Virtual Engineering App

We are constantly on the move. Just like our customers and partners. Always on the lookout for even better and simpler solutions to make your work processes easier. In our almost 50 years of company history, we have gone from dealing sack trucks to becoming the global market leader of mobile lifting solutions. In this video, showing our latest innovation – the Hovmand Virtual Engineering app – our CEO Søren Hovmand explains how we are using digitalisation to bring value to our customers in a completely new way.