Søren Hovmand on back exercises and movement

At Hovmand, we care about our coworkers' and customers' well-being and health. Above all, this includes a healthy condition of the body and back. Unfortunately, musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs: back and joint pain) are widespread and the main reason for sick leave at work in the manufacturing industry.

That is why, in 2020, the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA) launched the campaign 'Healthy Workplaces - Lighten the Load' campaign to create awareness for MSDs and support preventive measures. Unfortunately, in December 2022, the campaign ended after three years, and so did our campaign partnership. However, this is no reason for us to complete our engagement in the fight against back pain. We're here to give tips on how to keep your back healthy and strong. 

Our managing director and owner, Søren Hovmand, support the idea. Together with Søren, our colleague Tea Hermann introduces the topic in a short interview. Below you will find the interview in text.

Tea: Søren, you asked me to do this interview outside so that we could move around during it. We are here to talk about back pain and musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and what you do as CEO to prevent back pain.

Søren: Our lifting trolleys play a major role in preventing back pain. But you can also do a lot yourself, for example with exercises. Exercising is very important overall. If you move around, walk, or exercise, that helps. The most difficult thing about exercises is, to do them. We will introduce a series where we demonstrate examples of back exercises that are easy to do! I recommend: Just do it!

Tea: Thank you very much, Søren, for the interview!

Tips for a strong and healthy back - from Team Hovmand

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